Bulk Waste Management: Our Commitment to Mumbai

Jun 11, 2024
Bulk Waste Management: Our Commitment to Mumbai

As a Mumbaikar, you experience the daily challenges of waste management in our city. Despite the BMC's efforts, landfills continue to be a big reason for climate change as the methane gas produced in landfills is 21 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 

The Need for Responsible Waste Management

As landfills have a huge environmental impact, adopting more ethical and sustainable waste management practices is imperative. Mumbai administration has taken measures to combat this, restricting daily collection of wet and dry waste to 100 kilograms per source per day - an average household producing approx. one-kilogram daily 

Introducing Green Practice's Sustainable Solutions

At Green Practices, our bulk waste management (https://www.greenpractices.in/category/bulk-waste-generator) products and services are both sustainable and budget-friendly. As an authorized vendor, our monthly flat collection service starts from just Rs 100 per month per flat for societies. Furthermore, our comprehensive services cover wet as well as dry waste.

Choose our waste management services, and you will receive a "Zero Waste to Landfill" certificate as evidence of our dedication to environmentally responsible waste disposal. This approach helps reduce the climate change impact while safeguarding environmental sustainability by managing waste responsibly.

Mumbai faces special environmental issues due to heavy rainfall and rising sea levels; therefore, it needs special efforts for sustainability and cleanliness. Waste management practices as well as supporting initiatives such as Green Practices can have a big impact.