Discover the Plastic Recycling Industry

Jun 11, 2024
Discover the Plastic Recycling Industry

The environmental changes caused by improper waste disposal, especially plastic waste, have led to severe pollution, threatening ecosystems and human health. 

Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, Green Practices was established to provide comprehensive waste management and recycling services. We focus on the efficient collection and recycling of plastic waste, offering sustainable solutions to mitigate its impact. Our sustainable plastic recycling services ( in Mumbai are designed to be cost-effective while promoting sustainability. We specialize in wet and dry waste, thereby contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.

The Painful Reality of Plastic Pollution

The alarming prediction that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 is one that we hear frequently. This forecast has gained a lot of traction and generated a lot of debate regarding the state of the earth today and the effects of plastic pollution. But in my humble view, this is a painful reality that we are already dealing with rather than something that will happen in the far future.

Plastic is present on land as well as in the ocean. Everywhere you turn, you can see plastic floating and lying throughout the surroundings. From the materials used in our everyday products to the packaging of our food, it has become an essential aspect of our existence. 

Either we are disposing of plastic waste at BMC or just throwing or leaving it around. Unfortunately, the majority of plastic waste ends up in landfills or the ocean; just 7% of it is recycled. Not only is inappropriate plastic disposal a concern, but there is also insufficient infrastructure and recycling services. Waste management, for instance, is a big problem in Mumbai since the majority of the waste ends up in landfills or on beaches, where it finally finds its way into the ocean.

We should be aware that we are not the only living beings here; we share this planet with animals, mammals, and fish, all of whom have the same right to live.

But the way we dispose of our plastic waste is affecting not just their lives but also our own. Micro plastics have grown into a bigger problem in our food chain and may affect our health in the long run.

Green Practices: Your Solution for Sustainable Plastic Recycling

At Green Practices, we provide a very cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and responsible way to recycle or dispose of plastic waste.

Green Practices is aware of the significance for proper plastic recycling. Plastic bottles, containers, bags, and other plastic materials are all covered by our services. Green Practices is available to assist you with plastic waste disposal or plastic recycling in your area. Everything made from plastic is recycled sustainably and responsibly, with a waste-to-landfill certification of 0%.